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The Lounge @ Serenity Cafe

Serenity Creations Online Presents the all new Lounge @ Serenity Cafe! This is the central hub for all of the Serenity Creating resources we have accumulated since the Cafe was born in 2008. Originally just a page at, the growth of Serenity Cafe and Internet-of-the-Mind lead to the creation of our umbrella company ~ Serenity Creations Online!  Questions? Click the button below to Schedule a FREE Phone Consultation.

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Thawing the Iceberg

Get all four Ecourses, All four Ebooks, All of the audios and videos in the Thawing the Iceberg Series. PLUS get all four printed books.

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Virtual Classroom

Serenity Cafe Virtual Classroom has several learning centers for Mental Wellness, Addiction Recovery and Mental Programming

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Media Library

Serenity Cafe Media Library a video Library and an Audio Library with Meditation, Guided Imagery, Brainwave Entrainment, and more!

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Lifetime Membership

With a Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership you get all of the memberships and resources listed here at the Serenity Cafe Lounge. PLUS, you get all future products, courses, and memberships added in the future. One-time fee, Lifetime access!

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Serenity Cafe Academy

Serenity Cafe Academy is the place to go if you are looking for a single E-Course. There you will find courses from Thawing the Iceberg Online and Serenity Cafe Virtual Classroom, including the Recovery Center and Wellness Center courses.

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Serenity Creations E-Store

If you are more interested in a single product or download from Serenity Creations Online or, visit our Serenity Creations Online E-Store today! Our store is built on the Shopify platform

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The Oasis @ Serenity Cafe

For a FREE trial of the above memberships and products, enroll in the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe. It is FREE to enroll and will give you a peek inside the memberships. Plus you will get free downloads! Our way of saying thanks for taking a look.

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Carter Counseling & Consulting Services

Don Carter MSW, LCSW and Angie Carter CRADC, SAP of Carter Counseling and Consulting Services own and operate Serenity Creations Online. Our counseling and coaching clients get free lifetime access to everything here! Click the button below to schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation.


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