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Whether in-office or online sessions, our clients are our number one priority. We are dedicated to helping people overcome the issues holding them back. We will bring every resource we have to bear on helping you reach your goals - including everything in the Serenity Cafe Memberships and Ecourses. All clients have access to all of our resources as needed at no extra charge.

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Don Carter MSW, LCSW

Don is has been a psychotherapist for over thirty years. He is in personal recovery and thus knows what it is like to need help. Don is Verified by Psychology Today

Lifetime Access

Whether our in-office/online client or a Lifetime Member of the Serenity Cafe, you will have access to all of our online resources. We waive the one-time sign-up fee for our clients.

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Angie Carter CRADC, SAP

Angie has been a certified reciprocal alcohol and drug counselor for over twenty years. She has been in long term recovery for 23 years. Contact Angie for a Free Consultation.

Lifetime Membership Includes Access to All Serenity Cafe Memberships

Take a look below at our current online resources... and you will also get free access to All Future Offerings!

Serenity Cafe Media Library

The Serenity Cafe Media Library is loaded with Beach Meditations, Nature Meditations, Brainwave Meditations, Guided Imagery Meditations, and Hypnotic Meditations. Use these HD videos, audios, powerful affirmations and visualizations for personal growth, health, healing, sleep induction, anxiety reduction, meditation, relaxation and more!

Get healthy and beat stress with featured audio and video from the Serenity Cafe Media Library.

Thawing the Iceberg ONLINE!

Do you experience feeling "triggered" into painful and confusing emotional states? Are you tired of fearing abandonment? Tired of toxic shame attacks that make you feel small or unworthy of getting what you want? Tired of carrying around a load of contempt for yourself or others? Have you ever asked yourself "Why does this keep happening to me?" every time another relationship goes bad? Thawing the Iceberg Online has some solutions for these issues.

Serenity Cafe Virtual Classroom

Grow in many difference ways with the help of the featured tools in the Serenity Cafe Virtual Classroom. Self help videos, audios, eBooks, presentations, and more. Resolve abandonment issues, addictions, codependency, toxic shame, toxic relationships, emotional regulation problems (anxiety, angry outbursts, depressions, Adult/Child Syndrome) to name a few.

Learn to use meditation, guided imagery, brainwave entrainment along with powerful affirmations, visualizations, and auto-suggestions for personal growth.

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Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership

Become a Serenity Cafe Lifetime Member to have instant access to all past, present, and future memberships, ecourses, audios, videos, ebooks, printed books, ecourses, and much more! This offer includes all the following:

  • Oasis @ Serenity Cafe
  • Serenity Cafe Media Library
  • Thawing the Iceberg Online
  • Serenity Cafe Virtual Classroom

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Not sure which one is right for you? Interested in Counseling or Coaching? Perhaps you need more information or just want to talk to a real person? Please contact us for a FREE Telephone Consultation. Click the button below or Call 573-634-2254.


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