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Instructor: Don Carter MSW, LCSW

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Understanding Depression: "What is Wrong with Me?"

Many people experiencing symptoms of depression might begin to wonder if there is something really wrong with them. One typical fear is that they might be going crazy. Unfortunately, the reactions and comments from other people such as, “Just get yourself together!” are not very helpful.
People with Depression tend to be their own worst enemy! Often times they beat themselves up with self talk is even more critical that those who don't understand - "What is wrong with me!?" "Why can't I just snap out of this?" "My dad was right, I'll never amount to anything!" These thoughts set up a vicious cycle that causes Depression to feed on itself and only get worse.
Although you might feel alone in your struggle against depressive moods, the reality is that many people experience these moods from time to time, or even regularly. In fact, it is estimated that 1 in every 4 people experience significantly depressed mood at some time in their life.
Depression can affect any kind of person at any stage of their life. You may be an introvert or an extrovert, socially active or shy, youthful or elderly, male or female, wealthy or poor. Whatever your distinction, you can become depressed. That means that any person you know is fair game.
So remember, you are not alone. Pain is optional and there are lots of options when it comes to Healing Depression...

Serenity Cafe Academy Healing Depression Ecourse

Below is a list of the 21 lessons in the course. Taking action to heal depression, whether it be your own or someone you are working with in therapy is the first step. This is an extensive 21-lesson course that teaches evidenced-based information and skills to help overcome depression.

Members need to keep an open mind and not jump around in the course until they have been through it a time or two as it is laid out. Each lesson lays a foundation for the next lesson. It's fine to take a look ahead to see what you'll be doing, but trust the process and do the lessons in order.

(NOTE: Serenity Cafe Academy Ecourses are not a replacement for professional evaluation and treatment but can certainly enhance and add to your recovery activities)

At Serenity Cafe Academy we have just released an extensive, A-to-Z Ecourse called "Healing Depression." There are 21 Sections with information, along with training in CBT and other tools to overcome depression as outlined below:

  1. What is Depression?
  2. What Causes Depression?
  3. Therapy for Depression
  4. Cyclical Depression
  5. Healthy Activity and Depression
  6. Catalog of 365 Healthy Activities
  7. Clear Thinking and Depression
  8. How Thinking Affects Feelings
  9. Give Thinking Some Thought
  10. Change Thoughts to Change Feelings
  11. Unhelpful "Magical" Thinking
  12. Identifying Core Beliefs
  13. Healing Tools: Problem Solving
  14. Healing Tools: Maintaining Gains
  15. Healing Tools: Coping with Grief
  16. Healing Tools: Know the Signs
  17. Healing Tools: Have Fun!
  18. Healing Tools: Make a Schedule
  19. Healing Tools: Making Connections
  20. Healing Tools: Your Thought Diary
  21. Healing Tools: Brainwave Entrainment Audios, Mood Support for Persistent Depression

The course is structured in a way for the participant to proceed at their own pace and contains information, videos, exercises, and tools for healing depression. The course is very comprehensive and uses evidence-based techniques for understanding and overcoming depression. 

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