How to Use Meditation Music Ecourse

Instructor: Don Carter MSW, LCSW

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Actual Running Time about 25 minutes each

Actual Running Time About 15 Minutes Each

Optimize the Subconscious Mind with Meditation Music

Before you read this entire page, take a moment to try out the powerful combination of audios and video above! You can choose to watch and listen to the video by itself or turn down the sound on the video and play any one of the previews in the audio players below the video. (be sure to make the video full screen for the maximum effect!) Recent research points to the powerful impact that color, brightness, and the quality of motion has on mood and psychology, not to mention the power of visualization and affirmation. We have put them all together for you in these ecourses! Enjoy!!

Watch and listen to the video above. If you like it then this Combination Audio/Video Ecourse is just for you! The courses are available here to listen online as you browse or download to your computer or mobile device. Earbuds and headphones are recommended for most of the audios on, sometimes they are required to get the intended benefit as with the brainwave entrainment tracks. Given all that, having them on your mobile device is ideal. Once you sign up, you have access to a player, tutorials, and your downloads page.

This Course Includes the Following for Meditation and Reprogramming the Mind:

  • Tips for Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
  • How to Use the Audios and Videos for Reprogramming
  • How to Create and Use Visualizations Effectively
  • How to Create and Use Powerful Affirmations
  • The Entire Meditation Music Collection
  • The Entire Natural Rhythms Audio and Video Collection
  • The Entire Instant Relaxation Collection
  • Instant Access to Your Download Pages

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Course Description: Sessions make use of meditation music, nature sounds such as babbling brooks, birds, buzzing bees, and sounds of nature to create wide-open spaces for relaxing away tension and stress. You can use the audios to relax and sit back or as background while you work or browse the Internet. The primary focus here is to learn how to use the audios to get into a comfortable state with an inward focus so you can apply the skills you learn from the tips on reprogramming the mind, visualizations, and affirmations. (Give yourself five minutes to get good and relaxed before practicing the reprogramming skills outlined in the course.)

Learn how to use the visualizations and affirmations you create along with the audio/videos in the course, to supercharge your meditative experiences -- remember that the two most important processes in reprogramming the mind are Intensity and Repetition. The audio/videos add intensity, and listening at least once per day for three weeks adds repetition. All you need to do is figure out what you want!

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